​Blackberry Hill Art Center​

Background Check Policy Statement

​Adopted May 1, 2018

As required by New Hampshire Statutes Blackberry Hill Art Center is adopting the following as its policy statement related to background checks:

The policy is designed to ensure that no camp staff member has a criminal conviction for any offenses for causing or threatening direct physical injury to any individual or causing or threatening harm of any nature to any child. The background check policy requires all camp staff who might be left alone with a child or children to be subject to an annual background check prior to being left alone with a child or children, and prohibit any staff member who has not been subject to the required background check from working directly with any youth unless a staff member for whom the background check has been completed is also present.
The Blackberry Hill Art Center’s background check policy will be reviewed and updated annually. The policy is available to NHDES and the public upon request. It is also posted on Blackberry Hill Art Center’s websites and camp social media sites.

Blackberry Hill Art Center will certify with the NHDES regarding the status of background checks of owners and staff.

*Summer Art Camp 2018*

​​​​​​Blackberry Hill Art Center 

Orford, NH